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My Goal

My aim for this project was to really just improve my character art techniques in sculpting, modelling, texturing and rendering. I really wanted to create a fantasy creature that was unique and not a typical cliche everyone is familiar with.


I'm a fan of Tolkien's books and the Lord of the Rings trilogy which I was quite exposed to leading up to the challenge. I'm also a fan of multiple concept artists (that is a never ending list of people) that inspire me to create characters in a style similar to theirs. One being Viktor Titov who I was immediately a fan of since I saw his artwork on Artstation and I think that he is a phenomenal artist that inspired me to create a character based on one of his concept art.

Turns out that adding little goblins really bumps up the polycount, who would've thought.


GoblinCannon.zip 713 MB
TheBoringDoc.pdf 4 MB

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